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News and Events

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Geography Year 10 - National Teacher Survey Feedback on Resource

31 August 2022
  Teacher feedback specifically about the year 10 resource "Environmental Change and Forest Management":  Clear overview of what outcomes the activity covers and what materials I need to put together to give this lesson. Like the suggested time. Having the lesson's ... VIEW

10 new ForestVR™ videos available now!

18 August 2022
New ForestVR 360-degree videos have launched and can be viewed via any device with a web browser or a VR headset!  Explore Australia’s unique forest types, sustainable farms and forest and wood careers – all without leaving the classroom! The new video experiences span across three differen... VIEW

New George the Farmer in the classroom videos

18 August 2022
Three new George the Farmer ‘In the Classroom’ clips are now available to watch in your classrooms.  The videos feature Simone, Ben and our friend and ABC TV star George the Farmer as they explore Australia’s forests, where wood and paper come from, as well as demonstrate hands on activit... VIEW

Will the real forest please stand up?

18 August 2022
Do your students know what the difference is between a scrubland, coastal salt marsh and a forest? Test your students’ knowledge on the different kinds of environments and biomes that can be found in Australia. An easy-to-use interactive PowerPoint with real Australian forest and n... VIEW

WoodSolutions app helps identify best timber for school projects

18 August 2022
SpeciesSolutions App is an update to the previous WoodSolutions Species app, and provides teachers, students and industry is a wealth of specialised timber knowledge at your fingertips. The app allows users to search and compare the physical properties of timber species, as well match timber spe... VIEW