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George the Farmer - In the Classroom: Tree Carbon Storage Tape Measure video

Lesson Overview:

Join George, Simone and Ben as they investigate the amazing way that trees store carbon from the atmosphere in their wood and how we can measure this for ourselves using the Tree Carbon Storage Tape Measure in this episode of In the Classroom.

You can join in the carbon storage measuring fun around your school or home by downloading George the Farmer's Educator Toolkits on Sustainable Forest Management. Find even more activities and educator toolkits here: Complete George the Farmer Forestry Educators Toolkit.

In the Classroom is brought to you by George the Farmer and ForestLearning.

Year Level/s:

Kinder / Prep, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6

Key Curriculum Areas / Subject:

Mathematics, Design and Technologies

National Curriculum Codes:


Strand Content Description:


  • ACMMG006   - Use direct and indirect comparisons to decide which is longer, heavier or holds more, and explain reasoning in everyday language

Design and Technologies

  • ACTDEK001 - Identify how people design and produce familiar products, services and environments and consider sustainability to meet personal and local community needs.
  • ACTDEK003 - Explore how plants and animals are grown for food, clothing and shelter and how food is selected and prepared for healthy eating.
  • ACTDEK010 - Recognise the role of people in design and technologies occupations and explore factors, including sustainability that impact on the design of products, services and environments to meet community needs
  • ACTDEK012 - Investigate food and fibre production and food technologies used in modern and traditional societies.
  • ACTDEP005 - Explore needs or opportunities for designing, and the technologies needed to realise designed solutions  
  • ACTDEP006 - Generate, develop and record design ideas through describing, drawing and modelling
  • ACTDEP007 - Use materials, components, tools, equipment and techniques to safely make designed solutions
  • ACTDEP009 - Sequence steps for making designed solutions and working collaborativel
  • ACTDEP015 - Generate, develop, and communicate design ideas and decisions using appropriate technical terms and graphical representation techniques
  • ACTDEP016 - Select and use materials, components, tools, equipment and techniques and use safe work practices to make designed solutions
  • ACTDEP017 - Evaluate design ideas, processes and solutions based on criteria for success developed with guidance and including care for the environment
  • ACTDEP018 - Plan a sequence of production steps when making designed solutions individually and collaboratively

General Capabilities:

Critical and Creative Thinking, Literacy, Personal and Social Capabilities

Cross Curriculum Priorities:


Curriculum Connections:

Design and Technologies, Mathematics, Science

ScOT Catalogue Terms:

Carbon, Carbon capture, Carbon capture and sequestration, Carbon cycle, Climate Change, Eucalypts, Measuring Instruments, Pine Trees, Sustainability, Trees


Forests - Ecology and Natural Processes, Forestry - Sustainability and Certification, Forest Futures - Carbon Renewable Resources and Innovation

Resource Type/s:

Primary: Multimedia

Secondary: Activity


George the Farmer - In the Classroom: Tree Carbon Storage Tape Measure video

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