Forest Terminology Explained


While undertaking research, you or your students may come across some terms that may need explaining, so we have made it easy for you below. 

*FURTHER INFORMATION: The Australian Government Department of Agriculture, Water and the Environment (ABARES) has produced an "Australia's forests and forestry glossary" (2020) found here -

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Ecologically Sustainable Forest Management (ESFM)

Is the guiding philosophy for forest conservation and management.


Any biological community and its non-living environment, including all the plants and animals in an area together with the air, land and water with which they interact.


Nature-based tourism which is ecologically sustainable.

Ephemeral stream

A watercourse which flows infrequently.

Epicormic growth

Eucalypts are adapted to respond quickly and grow after fire. This growth occurs from epicormic buds that normally lie dormant under the bark until triggered by a fire event.


A botanical genus (Eucalyptus) of plants, made up of about 700 species; the most important genus of Australian forest trees.


An introduced species, especially one which is not of Australian origin. Also see Pinus radiata.